Cutting and machining of parts made by extrusion

We have been supplying extrusions for more than 20 years. Les Extrusions du Nord excels in the extrusion of PVC and plastic materials and can offer a full turnkey service. Our factory is equipped with state-of the-art machinery to cut, punch and machine profiles according to technical requirements. These parts can then be used by manufacturers immediately upon receipt.


Extruder and much more

To provide the most comprehensive service to customers, Les Extrusions du Nord is able to cut and machine parts. There are several advantages of entrusting these precision tasks to our specialists:

  • Saving time and labour costs
  • Reduction of production times
  • Increased quality control
  • Consistency and accuracy of the finished product

Following the plastic or PVC extrusion process, the extruder can make an accurate cut to the door or window profile, or any other profile in accordance with the client’s technical specifications. The factory is equipped with tools such as industrial saws, double saw and the TigerStop ® system that is among the best tools on the market in terms of accuracy.

Do you have a specific job to do following extrusion of your profiles? Feel free to ask for advice from our specialists. Let Les Extrusions du Nord do all the cutting, machining and punching of your parts, we’re sure to do an accurate job.