Profile design

Custom profile design

Most of the designs for extruded PVC or other plastic profiles are custom-made. Indeed, each product is unique and each client has their own specifications. Our technicians specialise in computer aided design for the extrusion dies (moulds) which will be used for the plastic extrusion.


Design of extrusion dies for extrusion of plastic materials

Les Extrusions du Nord have the best computer programs to assist their customers in the design of custom products. Our technicians can use sketches, existing parts or a simple idea to create a virtual 2D or 3D version of the extrusion die that will be used for the finished product.

Simple profile or profile with hollow, flexible, rigid or mixed profile; depending on the type and volume to produce, our technicians will work out the tools required to design custom profiles. Precise calculations for the stretch and swell of the material are used to decide if sizing (cooling) is done via water or air. Because the majority of extrusion dies are made on-site, our specialists can control quality, production and assembly of parts. This makes it easier for us to reduce production times. Depending on the type and complexity of the tools, it usually takes between one and six weeks for complete tooling design.

Do you want a service proposal for unique parts manufactured by plastic or PVC extrusion? The Extrusions du Nord team can be your trusted partner.