Quality control


High quality extrusion of plastic materials

Les Extrusions du Nord attaches great importance to the quality of its products. Over the years, the company has developed strict methods of quality control for plastics extrusion. The rigorous and continuous maintenance of state-of-the-art equipment also contributes to profile quality.


A conscious and hard working extruder

Les Extrusions du Nord is experienced in extrusion for the manufacture of window, steel door, garage door, and swimming pool profiles, and other products made by extrusion. Entrust the design and extrusion of PVC or plastics to Les Extrusions de Nord:

  • Over 20 years extrusion experience
  • Quality products
  • A turnkey service from design to delivery
  • A team of friendly and courteous professionals

The company has a strict quality control program to ensure that each profile meets the industry standards and customer requirements. Every product manufactured on each of the 9 production lines in our factory has its own technical information sheet which specifies the quality tests to be carried out. These tests are different and specific to each part we produce.

Products are checked by the operator who removes a sample every hour. The Quality Control Department also performs tests according to specific requirements such as for the aesthetics, dimensions and performance of the product. These tests are performed on the production line, and also in the Quality Control Department for more special tests. When the product has been passed, a verification seal is affixed to the box.