Steel door profiles

Door profile extrusion

Steel door profile extrusion

For over 20 years, manufacturers have entrusted the extrusion of door profiles and door weather-stripping to the expertise of Les Extrusions du Nord. Our customers’ loyalty is a testament to the excellence of service and the quality of door, window, swimming pool and garage door profiles produced by our factory.

Door profiles and weather-strips

Door profiles and weather-strips

Extrusion is in our nature! Indeed, our many years of extrusion experience has allowed us to develop a sought after expertise in the design and manufacture of door, garage door, and window profiles, and weather-stripping for doors and windows. Over the years we have also developed working techniques that ensure a high level of efficiency and tight quality control for the production of large volumes of door, garage door and weather-stripping profiles.

Our specialists are always ready to take on new challenges from our manufacturing clients. Our door profile design and extrusion department, and plastic materials extrusion department are among the most equipped and professional in the industry. The majority of the extrusion dies and tools we use for extrusion are manufactured by us. This allows us to closely monitor quality and to continuously improve our production processes.

Our company also has a high precision cutting and machining department. Manufacturing clients can therefore save time and make real savings in addition to being able to use the parts and weather-stripping for door assembly as soon as they are received.

Les Extrusions du Nord, an extrusion specialist for over two decades.