Window profile

Window profile extrusion

Window profile extrusion makes up the majority of annual production for Les Extrusions de Nord. According to manufacturers’ specifications, window profiles and weather-stripping are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to ensure exceptionally durable products.

Window profiles and weather-stripping

Window profiles and weather-stripping designed for our climate

In order to ensure the high quality of its products, Les Extrusions du Nord enforces hourly quality control on all production lines. Window profiles and weather-stripping manufactured by us meets the highest customer manufacturing demands and can be used in finished products which are designed for the changeable climate of regions in Canada and the United States. When used correctly, weather-stripping and window profiles offer sufficient insulation and resist cracking and fading, thanks to the use of high quality materials.

Our company listens to its customers and is proactive in the development of new products. The extrusion of window profiles can meet many requirements and can produce a variety of products: single wall profiles or with hollow, profiles made of flexible or rigid material, profiles designed using extrusion or co-extrusion.

A specialist in PVC and other plastic materials extrusion, Les Extrusions du Nord supply many manufacturers with door and window profiles. The company also manufactures swimming pool profiles and any other part which can be made by extrusion.